Weblog:   How Digital Production & Distribution Are Making Things Worse For Musicians, Not Better
Subject:   Visibility
Date:   2006-02-06 09:42:41
From:   SpencerCritchley
Response to: Visibility

Yes, I think this is a very interesting area and I want to explore it some more in upcoming posts. I feel intuitively that despite incredible glut of content, people will still respond to extraordinary talent, which remains rare, and, maybe more than ever, they'll respond to a sense of real human connection. I haven't seen convincing numbers to support that feeling yet though - i.e. details of a credible, reproducible financial model in which artists make enough money to support a solid career (not a sleeping in the van kind of career). Can you point me to any?

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  1. Visibility
    2006-02-07 08:50:22  Philipp [View]

  2. Scott Snyder photo Visibility
    2006-02-06 19:38:02  Scott Snyder | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

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