Run Mac OS X on a PC
Subject:   Change your xp to mac easier
Date:   2006-02-08 18:25:04
From:   elementskaterbla
(Note: If you are going to do this I suggest you print it out first)Yeah this program might seem cool but you run it in a window, its not actually transforming your pc, and you have to do the dirty work like transforming files and copying them to differant places. I know a program that completely changes your pc, and you can easily toggle in between xp and mac, go to then you can just preview it, then click on download up top then click flyakite v3.0, you will need an unzipping program like winzip from, just get the trial version, open flyakite v 3.0 with winzip, when winzip opens click use evalutation version then up top click extract then select to put the files where you remember where they will be, then down bottom of the extract window make sure that the box use file names is selected then click extract, it should be done in about 5 seconds, then exit winzip and go to the flyakite v 3.0 setup file you extracted and open it, about half way through the setup it will give you boxes to choose from like create restore point, system files, tweaks etc. click in all the boxes then click next. it will then setup then ask you if you want to restart now or later, restart then, on startup scandisk might come up and try to scan the pc, just let it do its thing, then when it boots up log in and right click on your desktop, click properties, then in the themes tab make sure it says modified theme in the dropdown, then go to the appearance tab and in the windows and buttons dropdown, make sure it says Mac OS X, then hit Apply and exit, then if the start/taskbar didnt move to the top, right click on where your programs would minimize and make sure that "lock the taskbar" does not have a check in front of it, if it does click on it, the taskbar should have moved to the top. And thats it, if you want to change back to regular windows just right click in your desktop, hit properties and in the theme tab in the dropdown select windows xp, hit apply and exit. (Note: The change will only occur on the user you installed it on, if you want to put on other users just change the theme in the display properties.) (Note: All the files you had on xp will be accessable through the mac settings applied) (Note: Only under 250 mb will be used with flyakite v 3.0) Thanks

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  1. Change your xp to mac easier
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