JBoss Cache as a POJO Cache
Subject:   CachedIntereceptor
Date:   2006-02-10 15:15:36
From:   anupa
Hello Folks,

This might be basic question but I have a requirement where I need to store Object A(which is readonly data)in Cache I chosen Tree Cache AOP for that.

My Structre is Object A has list of Object B which has list of ObjectCs, C has list of ObjectD, Object D has list of Object E, Object E has list of ObjectF. each field will have 10 fields.

My front end need ObjectA to paint the screen, so I wanted to cache Object A aswellas send that over wire(My front end needs all serialized objects). Even if I make Object A as serialized and cache, I think it will be associated with CachedInterceptor which won't allow it transportable. So even serializability won't work, so I might need to do deep copy of Object A to some serialized object but as you see A has 6 inner objects and each has 10 different fields. SO deep copy will take fairly good amount of time.

What would be better way to do this, I really want to get all advantages of Tree Cache AOP.

Tree Cache AOP is really good stuff, it's fairly straight forward but I am having this basic design issue which is really killing.

Please let me know.

Thanks alot,

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