Weblog:   How Digital Production & Distribution Are Making Things Worse For Musicians, Not Better
Subject:   the net works for some
Date:   2006-02-11 18:21:40
From:   esc
I have talked with a few small scale musicians who are using the Internet to their advantage. The genre is folk music. People in the US tend to tour in the West, Midwest and East and live with a mix of concert performances and selling music.

Some of the more recognized guys do 10000 to 25000 cds a year. Peanuts in comparison to the stars of the larger genres, but enough with the concerts to live comfortably.

The CDs are sold at concerts as well as to their fandoms - and these guys often have focused and rabid fandoms. Keeping in touch with mailing lists, webpages and sales of plastic through the mail are very critical components.

A few have tracks on iTunes through places like CDBaby, etc. but this is far from significant. Their fans like the liner notes and even the handwritten notes that come with the packages.

Signing just wouldn't work for these guys. I know a few who are large enough to sign, but are doing much better managing and promoting themselves. Touring and the Internet are important components for some of these guys.

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