Modifying Stickies
Subject:   Stickies comments & question
Date:   2006-02-12 18:56:57
From:   fixdmix
Very cool article... thanks very much. Stickies just became twice as useful to me.

First, my question:
When printing a stickie, a footer is inserted containg the date, page, and (I believe) Application /User. I have looked high and low to hunt down and kill this footer text with no luck. Is this a preference to be modified elsewhere, or is it inherent to the app, and can it be modified?

And a commeent or two:

The article is fantastic and easy to follow except for some nomenclature used:
- The "disclose button" referred to is actually never called that in my version of Interface Builder. The info text actually refers to it as the "NSButton".
- The "info window" referred to is never called that, but more often called the inspector (context dependant). This was somewhat confusing a few times.

Thanks again !!!

Mark Dennis
Las Vegas