Digitizing VHS Tapes with EyeTV
Subject:   EyeTV 2, iEye Captain
Date:   2006-02-17 08:06:47
From:   GrahamAJones
Hi, thanks for your article. I too have found a number of "hacks" and ways of helping the EyeTV be more powerful than the existing software allows. I have bundled about 30 new features into my 'iEye Captain" shareware, which among other things allow you to have as many as 7 hard drives available for full active access by EyeTV 1 or 2 (many other things -- see ).

Regarding EyeTV 2, the file structure does indeed change, and unfortunately breaks your applescript solution. You may want to check out my software (currently available for $20) rather than put the time into modifying your own script. It's possible, but a little bit of a headache, as EyeTV 2 is inconsistent in which parts of the archive it changes to the new format and which it leaves in the old format.

Please feel free to contact me directly at for any EyeTV or iEye Captain-related questions.

Thanks, Graham Jones.