Making Your RSS Feed Look Pretty in a Browser
Subject:   RSS feeds
Date:   2006-02-17 10:21:47
From:   horacion

I am new to RSSPublishing.

I recently came across a magazine showing how to do it.
I downloaded RSSPublisher from and followed the steps to create the feed, headlines and publish it.

I went ok, or so I think.
But my problem is that now I would like to promote the RSS URL by listing it with different syndication sites, BUT i do not know the exact RSS URL.

I never received any email indicating that the feed was published, nor showing me the exact RSS URL

How do I do to know it?
Where do I find the RSS feed?
I already downloaded the corresponding RSSReader ... just for you to know.

What should the structure of the RSS URL be? meaning ... I am familiar with http://www. but how the RSS feed looks like?

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.