XML Data Binding with Castor
Subject:   How to convert efficienty XML big files
Date:   2006-02-19 02:50:03
From:   davidlealvalmana
I have read a lot about Castor Project, but I have no found where to find a example for parsing really big XML into java objects.

I have a typical file like this:

<book> </book>
<book> </book>
<book> </book>

if the file is big enough I can't load the whole book store at once, my idea is to take one by one each <book> information (or to limit the number of book elements to take for avoiding overflow), then for example store into database and then to take the next one, so I want to parse book events, process it and the to go to the next one. ┐How can we do it with castor?

With the solution of this article, for a big file we are going to get an overflow for sure.

Thanks in advance,

David Leal

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