Feather Linux: The Swiss Army Knife of LiveCDs
Subject:   Imaging to Another Local HD w Partimage
Date:   2006-02-19 09:53:47
From:   bemidji
I'm looking for a non-DOS and non-Windows HD imaging and distribution procedure independent of the host OS (all Windows presently); Feather Linux and Partimage seem ideal. Initially, I just want to image to a single portable external USB HD for home and laptop computers such that a restore will be a complete restore that will immediately run. I'm still learning Linux but running out of time (and patience) figuring out how to do this task. (A science/math/engineering geek yes, a Linux geek not)
First attempts yield a "cannot create temp file. Check if enough space exists and if I have read/write rights" response. (Imaging an unfragmented ntfs drive to a fat32 external USB drive, both recognized by Feather Linux and Partimage. Is this a problem?) I have ten times the mem needed and I start from a su prompt. Apparently, others have had this problem also, but the "help answers" are nonsensibly useless to me (not geek enough, I suppose). It seems I need a set of step-by-step instructions. Help.
Also, your article mentions needing to do something after restoring a Windows drive. What is that about? I'll need to know assuming I ever get an image to restore.

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