What's New in iWork '06?
Subject:   Pages 2 is great.
Date:   2006-02-22 20:24:12
From:   KodyBryson
I wonder if anyone who is complaining about Pages (are there really such people?) have ever used MS Word? I love that Pages can do real layout. I love that it moves text around and inside of shapes or both at the same time! With Pages you can make beautiful documents. With Word you can make, well... Word documents. Boring. (Heading 1 anyone?)

Anyway, if you like boring, go with Word, we won't hold it against you, you just don't know any better. But if you're smart and interesting, use Pages.

One bug that drives me nuts: If you've expored Hoefler Text Italic you'll notice it has a myriad (heehee, font humor) of different ligature options. Great! Except that when you choose one option it turns off all the rest. I believe this is a bug in OS X, not pages, but it shows up all for me mostly in pages? Why am I not allowed standard ligatures and swash caps over a whole paragraph? Life is so unfair.