3-D Data Visualization on Mac OS X
Subject:   Cannot make VTK - it worked today
Date:   2002-07-04 10:39:32
From:   iansloman
Response to: Cannot make VTK

I tried it again today - no changes only this time it worked.

I moved on and got similiar problems to michele (2). I modified the original /Develop/osxBin/CMakeCache.txt, then copied to the /Develop/VTK/CMakeCache.txt, then changed the directory to /Develop/osxBin and ran cmake ../VTK Everything seemed OK but I got the same errors as Michele when I tried the 'sanity' checks (I got the errors, but I didn't get the 'TriRate =...').

Where I have gone wrong?

Thanks in advance. Have a great Independence Day.