Asynchronous Messaging Made Easy With Spring JMS
Subject:   Conclusion is contradictory
Date:   2006-02-27 10:38:51
From:   sreich
Listings 2 through 8 contain XML configuration for Spring, their total length alone exceeds the length of the code in Listing 9, the traditional JMS use case.
By using Spring, you need to add another framework to your application, learn the API, maintain it, add new configuration files to your projects that must be synced with deployment and container descriptors, but which are not accessible by J2EE tooling, just to save a dozen lines of boilerplate code?
Please help me understand your argumentation that your solution is easier and more maintainable.

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  1. Conclusion is contradictory
    2006-03-03 20:16:16  bpoitras [View]

  2. Conclusion is contradictory
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    • Conclusion is contradictory
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