Weblog:   Plotting the exact X/Y coordinates of clicks on a page
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Date:   2006-02-28 05:58:59
From:   FeltzCRM
Remember that there's a strong focusing effect caused by the mouse pointer. Just as people use their fingers to hold a place in a book, or sight along their arm when looking at a sign, they use the mouse to focus their attention.
They move the pointer to the button, then read it, then click. Therefore, they need to have it in the lower right - because the arrow points to the upper left - in order to read the text. Many people who are not young and immersed in computer use have difficulty clicking on the fly: they move the mouse, make sure it's where they want it, then click. If the default arrow pointed to the upper right, I believe that you'd see a bias to the lower left.
Get in contact with an optometrist, opthalmologist, or other vision specialist and I suspect you'll find a lot of other interesting things. In fact, there ought to be some good academic papers in your data.

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