I've Switched from Windows, Now What?
Subject:   See O'Reilly's "Crossing Platforms"
Date:   2002-07-05 14:22:13
From:   adamengst

Though it may not be completely up to date, since it predates Mac OS X by a good bit, O'Reilly's "Crossing Platforms: A Macintosh/Windows Phrasebook" (which I wrote with David Pogue) would have likely been helpful in your transition as well.

The book never sold at all well (it was confusing to shelve in bookstores and probably should have been split into two separate books), but it received extremely positive reviews from those who did get copies.

cheers... -Adam

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  1. Terrie Miller photo See O'Reilly's "Crossing Platforms"
    2002-07-07 17:34:50  Terrie Miller | [View]

    • See O'Reilly's "Crossing Platforms"
      2002-08-07 05:23:08  lewisham [View]

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