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  Ajax on Rails
Subject:   hosting platforms
Date:   2006-03-01 00:09:19
From:   TechNeck
Response to: hosting platforms

I guess they all have their quirks.

So far though, I've not found anyone to beat out these guys I've been hosting with for the last two years:

www.dreamhost.goldenpath.org (http://www.dreamhost.goldenpath.org)

Debian Systems

Basic plan ($8/mnth) includes,

  • Unlimited Domains

  • 20GB Disk

  • 1 TB Transfer

  • 75 Shell Accounts

  • Lots of unlimited goodies

  • Very responsive to customer base feedback

  • Constantly expanding, very flexible

Ruby is currently at version 1.8.2

Rails 1.0.0

Although, I like to control my own versioning and so I install my own ruby system under ~/local/