What Corporate Projects Should Learn from Open Source
Subject:   Not sure that all developers are really equal
Date:   2006-03-01 14:45:46
From:   wjbaird
I like the article overall --- some very good points in there. However, I'm not sure I agree with the "philosophy of treating all developers equally"...

In my experience both on open and closed source projects, I've encountered some developers who are really, really good, and others who are frankly horrible. However, I think your point is that there is often very little correlation between job title / position/longevity on a project and how good the developer is.

I think the thing that makes the successful OSS projects successful is that they operate as a meritocracy --- They don't care if you are a 12 year old prodigy who is bored, or a time traveller trying to change the past - if the code is good, they use it...

I've seen estimates that a good developer is 10x to 25x more productive than an average developer - so I don't think it's really useful to pretend that everyone is equal...