What Corporate Projects Should Learn from Open Source
Subject:   Forgets key factors
Date:   2006-03-01 16:47:47
This article forgets two key factors that drive corporate software: budget, and schedule.
Open Source projects usually don't have either.

Pretty much all software projects end up being over both budget and schedule. It's just truism, like the sun will rise tomorrow. But in a corporate world, sometimes those can't slip. My company won't get paid if we miss our release date. A friend at an online retailer once stated "Christmas doesn't slip". When a release date is looming, and things aren't ready, changes happen. Bad decisions get made, or (more often) good decisions which have ramifications later, get made.

How many Open Source projects have hit schedules? Or even announced schedules? How long has it been between release of GnuCash? Or the Gimp? They are typically done when they're done. There's no hard deadlines which must be met.

Similarly, since most open source projects are run by volunteers, there's no budget. No "what do I cut" when the money's running out. The volunteers will just keep on going (or, sometimes, they don't, they just disappear, slipping any future releases).

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  1. Forgets key factors
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