What Corporate Projects Should Learn from Open Source
Subject:   Good Fast and Cheap
Date:   2006-03-01 23:16:29
From:   AkashChandrashekar
I have actually just been through a HUGE corporate project involving many moving parts and individuals. The unfortunate nature of corporations in general is that they employ the "good fast and cheap" mentality of project management. Unfortunately in that formula they can only attain two of the three. The corporate nature of business is that when a CEO,CTO,CIO has their head on a chopping block the "sh*" rolls down hill. Managers make the shots then, and will tell you "just get 'er done". I can remember plans upon plans being created, revised, and finger pointing. I can also recall the quality, and the necessary steps to manage things taking a second seat. The attitude changes to "just meet the date and we'll accept that it should be as good as what we had before". Amazing - the amount of WASTE that goes on from all the unecessary layers that appear once peoples heads are on the line instead of doing whats right. Anyhow, I thought the article was extermely thought provoking and good.Having been recently through this experience, and leaving the orginization, because of the VERY things that are described in the article, I am actually happy to see that someone else had noticed and accounted for the level of dysfunction within corporations. What saves these orginizations is a HUGE bank account and their core business not being IT.