The Strange Case of the Disappearing Open Source Vendors
Subject:   Not at all.
Date:   2002-07-06 13:42:51
From:   brettglass
Response to: Comments sidesteps the point of this article???

You write:

> The GPL is about getting things done. It's about solving problems. It's also up front. There's not hidden agenda. You can read the license and choose for yourself.

This is absolutely incorrect. The GPL is anything BUT "upfront." In fact, its preamble is intentionally deceptive. It states that the purpose of the license is to promote "freedom," when in fact its purpose is to deny freedom -- and, by doing so, destroy programmers of commercial software and their businesses.

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  1. Not at all.
    2002-07-17 21:31:56  john_betelgeuse [View]

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