Dissecting a Dashboard Virtual Earth Widget
Subject:   I just don't get it
Date:   2006-03-04 02:32:43
From:   sk2001
Response to: I just don't get it

I agree that the Dashboard widgets use a lot of memory, about 150 MB each for virtual memory and, surprisingly enough, almost 20 MB of physical RAM (RSIZE). Of course anyone is free to delete (not uninstall) all unused widgets from the Dashboard to reduce memory consumption.

Regarding the cumbersome switching between desktop and Dashboard (I only find it annoying when switching the first time and there are some slowly initialising widgets to be started up):

You may want to try this one: Open a Terminal window and enter

defaults write devmode YES
killall Dock

If you now activate the Dashboard by pressing F12 (or your specific key), begin dragging the widget you want to use. Move at least one pixel and don't release the mouse button. Now press F12 a second time. Dashboard vanishes and you still have the widget sticking to the mouse pointer. You can now place the widget on the desktop anywhere you like. It will always be above any "ordinary" window.
Works great for the calculator, for example.