Weblog:   Plotting the exact X/Y coordinates of clicks on a page
Subject:   Center of vision is… uh, central
Date:   2006-03-04 06:25:39
From:   aristotle
I’m pretty sure you’ll find that the center of vision and the pointer tend to roughly coincide when people move the mouse; one follows the other, though which one follows which may vary.

Given that, I’m pretty sure the left-end trend on text inputs is because that’s where you look, because that’s where a) the label is, b) the caret will appear, and c) entered text will appear.

As for the bottom of links and buttons, I think this is a consequence of the fact that the active spot of the pointer is at its tip at the top; this means that if you aim at the bottom of a vertically narrow area, you’re more likely to fall within it. If you aim at the top, you’re more likely to overshoot.

Niggly note: the man was called Paul Fitts, not Fitt, so it’s Fitts’ law, not Fitt’s law.

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