What's New in iWork '06?
Subject:   Compatibility With Office?
Date:   2006-03-06 04:02:25
From:   Kelmon
Response to: Compatibility With Office?

I'm going to partially answer my own question as I had the opportunity to try out Pages in an Apple Store a couple of days ago and tested its compatibility with Word 2004 by opening my dissertation document in it. The results were both good and bad in that the structure of the document was largely correct but Pages screwed up my Table of Contents, Table of Figures and Table of Tables, plus it exbibits some curious behaviour when an image is added to a table to aid layout (probably unnecessary in Pages itself but Word needed it) as it turns it into a background graphic. Besides that it looked pretty good but the 2 applications certainly aren't 100% compatible and that's a no-no for me at the moment.