Weblog:   Microsoft's Standards of Business Conduct
Subject:   Great but too much power
Date:   2006-03-08 12:28:50
From:   jeremy4321
As a detractor, I don't see Microsoft as a worthless or poorly run company, though it is amusing to hear about thrown chairs and crazy dev conference dances.
I think Microsoft is a great company and it has done a lot.
My only real objection is just that a company with too much power will use that power to intentionally or unintentionally destroy competitors with that monopoly power, whether that be Microsoft, Oracle, Google, AOL, Apple, or whomever.
That's why I just found it disappointing but not surprising that the US DOJ was unable to split the company or give harsher or appropriate penalties.
Some might say that they shouldn't be punished for doing their job well. Well, the nature of individuals and organizations is that if they get too much power, they will abuse it.
Anyway, </rant>