I've Switched from Windows, Now What?
Subject:   Licensing
Date:   2002-07-07 18:04:03
From:   terrie
Response to: Licensing

Hi again -
I've pretty much weaned myself off the Windows machine, except for accessing some data that's still there and for testing. I plunked down the money for BBEdit and am using it consistently. Once I decided to make the switch, I made it a goal to get productive on the iBook asap, and within a week I was pretty much all there (though I'm learning all the time).

I was offered a desktop machine to replace the Windows laptop I had been using. I decided that I needed to have one primary machine with portability. In all fairness, that's not strictly necessarily for my job so I can see why the company couldn't justify it (though I do a lot related to work outside of the office, I don't actually *travel* for work).

The timing of everything made it less extreme for me to switch. I was probably heading to XP, and I was apprehensive of sorting out privacy and security issues with that (OS X or XP, either way I was heading for a lot of work there). Eventually upgrading the Outlook 98 and HomeSite software I was most dependent on was also going to be a headache. So it didn't seem as radical to me as it might seem at first glance.