Mac OS X Website Builder Face-Off
Subject:   iWeb=puke
Date:   2006-03-08 20:16:51
From:   smorris76
I tried using iWeb. It's certainly easy enough to build a photo page. Unfortunately that page will take 5 minutes to render in anyone's browser. Then try to make an index page of all your photo pages. It's such a clunky POS I couldn't believe it. It's completely flat hierarchy is pretty much useless as well.

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  1. iWeb=puke
    2006-03-09 00:29:09  yvesdec [View]

    • iWeb=puke
      2006-03-12 21:29:45  DaveCrist [View]

      • iWeb
        2006-03-24 19:51:04  alanwolf [View]

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