Mac OS X Website Builder Face-Off
Subject:   iWeb is a joke!
Date:   2006-03-08 23:51:11
From:   mister_L
iWeb is not recommendable at all. Everybody who is not a 8 year old or a complete tech-idiot will be frustrated by its limitations.

Better recommendations:

- if you want to build a simple photo-page, use iPhoto instead.
- if you like to build a full-featured blog the easy way use iblog
- for any other website use rapidweaver or sandvox

iWeb is based on good ideas, but it has far too many limitations. Maybe v3 will be satisfying. Itīs still good enough for complete computer-newbies to give them the possibility to post content to the web. but in order to make iweb-websites look different someone else has to build a frameset (with dreaweaver etc.) around first ;).