ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 2
Subject:   Does it work?
Date:   2002-07-09 07:49:21
From:   dicklacara
Response to: Does it work?

Yes, ColdFusion MX installs and runs on Red Hat Linux 7.2 on Virtual PC!

I haven't tested it Red Hat Linux 7.3, but I foresee no problems.

The ColdFusion MX install on Linux (real or emulated) is rather lengthy. Part of this is because the package includes ColdFusion MX, JRun, a complete Java Virtual Machine / Java Runtime Environment. Additionally, if you choose the default installation (as we do) it also installs the JRun default Web server, the PointBase RDBMS, Pointbase databases, and complete CFMX documentation.

There is a known issue in the installation process: The progress bar advances steadily up to the last mark. Then it appears to hang -- actually it performs the bulk of the install at this point. If you are installing under VPC, you can detect install activity by examining the hard disk icon in the lower left corner of the VPC window. The disk activity light will blink every few seconds.

Don't give up... it took a lot longer than 2 hours on my 333MHz iMac G3... but it installed.

The VPC emulated CFMX ran, but it was slow.

When ported to Native Mac OS X, CFMX ran well -- I could tell no difference between serving CF programs and serving Perl or PHP programs. CFMX includes some very creative compiling and caching of CF templates to attain the best possible performance.

As to the SuSE Linux:

SuSE Linux is a supported platform on Intel CPUs.

CFMX *might* install on the Mac version of SuSE, but I wouldn't count on it. Even if it were to install, CFMX won't run in this environment.

Finally, my objective was to get CFMX running on Native Mac OS X for the purpose of Web development. I do not think either emulation or a separate OS would meet the objective.


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