Secure Your Linux Server
Subject:   what? is this oreilly linux server security article?
Date:   2006-03-24 02:23:25
From:   anshu123
as someone above commented, Why IPChains?

On one thought, how much will i get paid to write article explaining, setting up the following things on linux.

recompiling kernel 2.4.* with gr-sec patch.
firewall with iptables.
Apf with bfd (brute force detection).
rkhunter / chrootkit.
finally scanning and hardening your configurations with bastille-script.

This might sound advance, but the way script-kiddies have easy access to exploits on irc and underground sites, Installing the above should be basic in security.

On Other Thought. I might not write this kind of article, as I would prefer "Real Companies" hire a experienced professional admin who has chiseled his skills for years securing linux, and not some admin who claims to have KB securing linux relying on Oreilly article.