JBoss Cache as a POJO Cache
Subject:   Will caching help
Date:   2006-03-24 03:20:37
From:   skcn
I have a scenario in which huge data (in a database) needs to be updated from a xml.
Before the data is updated, a lookup needs to be done against the d/b to decide which fields are to be updated / inserted.
To do the lookup, I need to fire a query for each xml I get. This is very costly.
Is it possible that the data from the d/b is pulled in a cache, and lookup happens against the cache? (i think this will save the trip to the database for lookup)
Once the data is updated / inserted, the lookup cache needs to be refreshed to have the last updates. This needs to be done for each xml.
Will jBoss-cache help with this? if yes, how?

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  1. Will caching help
    2006-03-28 18:07:51  bwang00 [View]

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