ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 2
Subject:   Understanding OS X implementation
Date:   2002-07-09 14:48:01
From:   edgedesign
First, thanks so much for writing this series. I always thought that OS X's UNIX base would make it easy to port ColdFusion, but Macromedia does not seem anxious to offer a Mac solution.

We scrapped our test Dell PC in favor of VirtualPC in OS X a while back since all of our designer/coders perfer the OS over Windows. Like you, we would design and develop on Mac and test on PC and CF servers. We've been digging deeper into CF and would love to see the total solution offered in OS X.

I downloaded and installed ColdFusionMX into WindowsXP running in VPC a few weeks back. I have not had much time to fully explore, but often it cannot locate the administrative pages. Not certain why sometimes it can. Of course, it's quite sloow and a native solution should work better.

Here's what I'm trying to grasp.... What's the real difference in using Linux in VPC vs XP for the CF port? Linux runs better because of OS X's UNIX core? Linux offers a path to a JAVA solution which is OS X native? Is there a way to run Linux without VPC? Would it be possible to get in running via the Apache server software which comes with OS X? Can you compare how it would run in OS X vs. other platforms? Could there be an XServe/CF solution in our future?

I know there's a lot here, but I just wanted to provide some food for thought and maybe some of these could be addressed in your next article.