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  Apple's High-Water Mark?
Subject:   This is a tech analysis about a company that isn't tech-focused
Date:   2006-03-24 21:24:21
From:   pquam
Response to: This is a tech analysis about a company that isn't tech-focused

>Linux? That would scare the crap out of the >non-techie people I know. To you, they live in >the jungle, unaware of the salvation Linux >offers. To me, they're just normal folks with >better things to do with their time.

--I think there is a certain amount of truth to this. Especially, since some people are intimidated by Windows. However, Mac OS X is a prime example of putting a user-friendly interface on top of Linux/BSD.

With most Linux apps, you could make them into Windows-like apps by jazzing up the GUI, pre-configuring a bunch of things, disabling some advanced features, and pre-loading it into memory at startup and running them in the background, and maybe adding a few macros/scripts to accomplish common tasks.

I agree that Linux has come a long way recently.
On the other hand, people are less and less
tolerant of the learning curve to use computers.
However, it would be a mistake to underestimate Linux's ripeness for popular adoption, esp. if it was pre-packaged correctly.