Mac OS X Website Builder Face-Off
Subject:   RealMac Software unreliable as a company
Date:   2006-03-25 02:21:44
From:   kyri
I'm a registered user of Rapidweaver. And I like the app a lot in many ways, and it truly accelerates web site creation.

However, at the moment I can't recommend the product or the company behind it. Sadly it seems as if the makers of Rapidweaver are overwhelmed by its success.

Months ago Ben, Dan and Simon of Realmac Software were made aware that their contact form template is not spam proof. By entering malicious text into a contact form made with Rapidweaver spammers can make the underlying php script send out hundreds of bcc messages at once.

Numerous users have brought this to the attention of Realmac SW and pointed out that they ran into problems with their internet service providers, since technically, they (the owners of Rapidweaver sites) are spamming and not the culprits misusing the contact forms.

Initially the Rapidweaver makers promised a quick fix. Now they're pointing to the upcoming version 3.5 which is however still months away.
(see e.g. this thread rapidweaver forum thread:

I find Realmac Software's business attitude irresponsible and unbearable and can therefore currently not recommend the product.