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Subject:   Down with podcasting
Date:   2006-03-28 07:29:39
From:   Chirael
Everyone's so hyped up on podcasting. Yeah, it's nice to occasionally listen to someone... but the key fact everyone seems to be missing is that you can't "skim" a podcast!

Or put another way, in an age of information overload, who the hell has time to sit and listen to a slow, drawn-out audio file? Let me skim the information, find what I need, and move on.

You're asking a lot of people to take up a big chunk of their time at your pace, preventing them from digesting the information on their own at their pace.

Ok, rant done :)

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  1. Down with podcasting
    2006-03-28 10:18:01  JohnnySoftware [View]

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