Using Perl to Manage Plist Files, Part 2
Subject:   Why not use perltie to simplify the abstraction further?
Date:   2006-03-28 18:44:28
From:   NathanHerring
It would seem pretty straightforward to write a series of small modules that let the user access plist-associated scalars, arrays and hashes as if they were values, arrays and dictionaries invisibly. You might have to add a method to specify the type of scalar (number vs. string, etc.).

For example, you could have a PlistHash class which kept a copy of an NSMutableDictionary object for use in editing the dictionary, and tie it to a hash variable so that the PlistHash::STORE method would set the contents accordingly. (If the value was not a simple scalar, there might be some recursion involved with creating new dictionaries and arrays to save the items.)