What Is Wireless Security
Subject:   Disappointing
Date:   2006-04-04 18:06:53
From:   HeraldMage
For a Web posted article, where column length has no "cost", this one should have been more detailed on the actual security methods. And to say that disabling SSID broadcast makes a hacker's life much tougher is laughable. Basic script kiddies even have easy click-and-hack tools now to find hidden SSIDs. Security by obscurity is never reliable, and should not be suggested as such in a Secuirty Center forum. It's far more effective to connect the APs to a firewall and use that to control who can go out, use personal firewalls to protect the clients, and use IPsec VPNs to encrypt the traffic to the eventual wired LAN. Not a bad start, but very very superficial and weak for the usual O'Reilly excellence.