I've Switched from Windows, Now What?
Subject:   Licensing
Date:   2002-07-11 22:52:52
From:   tomp2002
Response to: Licensing

You'll be amazed at the graphics options, some of them freeware, if you use a little imagination and spend time searching

Read the reviews, skipping the obviously inane, and you'll find any number of options to just about everything. I have Photoshop 7 and Photo Mechanic (usually pro photographers only, $150), but wouldn't be without GraphicConverter, a *must have* for the Mac, one of the included pieces of software on pro line machines by Apple, and one of the all time favorite Mac shareware applications.

I know very few pro design people who don't also have GraphicConverter. It's the graphics equivalent Swiss Army knife to BBEdit. There are many simple little utilities, however, that may be useful depending on work patterns. PixelNhance and Curator, both freeware, come to mind for digital photographers. freePhotoConver is worth its price to me. :)

The nice thing about these applications is that they vary widely in functionality with usefulness depending on the user's needs. There's *no* option to PS 7, but if it isn't really needed in the first place there are other *choices*. I think the new user needs to be very comfortable with the interface. Rely on the mouse, not the keyboard, to be certain all options are explored.

After you find something that sounds useful, download it and launch it and give it a try. Mac users have traditionally taken that approach. If the thing opens up with a crummy interface the quit and trash it. Most of the new items on Version Tracker take me five minutes or less to "try." If something looks useful then I give it a bit more time. If it's "crippled" shareware I ignore it or trash it. There are just too many options, iPhoto being an example, of doing something simple quickly.

With some apps you can resize, correct color, fix redeye, and be done while Photoshop 7 is still launching. Seriously. If lightweight work is required for a job why beat it to death with a monster application?

Thots. :)

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