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  Getting the Video out of Your New iPod--for Cheap!
Subject:   It May Sound Boring But Please Read It, Explain Plz, It ain't working
Date:   2006-04-06 02:24:15
From:   Dralaquan
Hi Everybody,
G'day in my house i've got my own little TV in my room which is for playin my PS2 but when i went on www.oreillynet.com i saw this article that says Getting the Video Out of Your New iPod -- for Cheap!, well i've already got an iPod video so i thought,"Hey that's pretty good," so i tried it on my TV, that only had the yellow and the white RCA holes because of the fact that it's a really small TV and it has only 1 speaker, and it didn't work

I'm pretty sure i did everything right by putting the red cable into the yellow hole on the TV, and the yellow cable into the white hole but i didn't do anything with the white cable coz i don't hav the the last red hole. So i put the iPod on to TV on mode and i was waiting to know if it was working or not and it ended up as this retarded sound with this retarded color movin like a screwed up TV, but if i keep moving the the yellow cable a little sound would come through the yellow cable bit by bit, so experts who have read this PPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZ help me!!.....


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  1. It May Sound Boring But Please Read It, Explain Plz, It ain't working
    2006-06-15 11:10:52  dnoo [View]

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