Patterns for Communication, Moderation, and Information Processing
Subject:   Re: "Shut Up!" "No, You Shut Up!"
Date:   2006-04-06 13:59:56
From:   Gambler
This is yet another attempt to develop patterns and algorithms for something that requires merely a common sense and an open mind. Trolling? Flaming? Unfunny cascades? These are not “social ills” of the Internet communication, but subjectively assigned negative labels. Developing patterns to combat those “ills” is akin to developing drugs to treat social deviance.

Besides, analysis of any social phenomena should start with giving clear and objective definitions of variables involved. Speaker uses the non-word annoyingness several times like it is supposed to mean the same thing for everybody. Annoying to whom? Personally, I find Slashdot comments (which are used as example in podcast) highly annoying. Most of the articles are swarmed by “mandatory” jokes and other predictable responses. Moreover, active moderation “lasts” only a couple of days, and all comments afterwards have default scores.