Mac OS X Website Builder Face-Off
Subject:   RapidWeaver and SandVox
Date:   2006-04-08 13:51:34
From:   briansouder1
I would place RapidWeaver in between iWeb and SandVox in terms of power. iWeb looks like the .Mac web templates all over again, but now you have to pay for it again. To boot, as others have pointed out, our formerly free value added applications that are now part of iLife typically are broken by the OS updates. I still like my .Mac account, but stay away from the Apple solutions. Use RapidWeaver for your .Mac account. It has excellant .Mac integration, and is a n excellant app for people who want simple web design. The most recent frustrating thing about RapidWeaver is they burried the default templates as part of the application package. To modify themes now, you can go to your applications folder and ctrl-click (right click) the RapidWeaver application, and then show package contents. Next, go to the folder: Contents -> Resources -> Install. All of the default RapidWeaver Theme's are here. To modify one, highlight the theme you like and duplicate it. (COMMAD-D) <APPLE-D for people that do not know what command is> (Using Tiger.rwtheme as an example, you should have Tiger copy.rwtheme) Drag your copy of the theme to the desktop and close the applications contents so you do not accidentially modify a default theme (which I have done). Now that you have your copy of the theme on the desktop, ctrl-click (right click) the theme and do a show package contents. Look in the contents folder, and bingo, there is your html and so on to edit. You can make changes to eveything, and then use a .plist editor to change the package info. You will also want to rename your theme to something you will know what it is. To add it as a 3rd party plugin, simply double click the new version of the copied theme on the desktop, and it will install into the 3rd party folder. Where is that you ask? User (your user name -- just click on the house in the browse menu) --> Library -> Application Support -> RapidWeaver. You will see your installed theme in the folder. You can continue to edit the theme in the folder too. I like making changes with the app open and in preview mode so you see the final product immediately. I like RapidWeaver, but I am starting to find it to be too limited, but at the same time, GoLive is so complicated that I do not have time to learn it, and time to edit my website is already too limited to be wasting time.

Now - as for SandVox, remember it is Beta first of all. Even they tell you not to use it for production. I have looked at it a few times, and I can see there is a ton of power there. I am really excited by the program. Unfortuantely, there has been no documentation. I got really frustrated quickly and just gave up twice now. The default theme's leave something to be desired for anything other than maybe a family home page. If they can put together good tutotials, and make it easier than the above description for RapidWeaver to edit templates, I would switch to SandVox in a second. RapidWeaver used to put all of the templates in the Application Support folder, but more recent updates burried them in the Application package. It took me a while to find them, and I know there are other frustrated people out there because I have received email from people asking me how I edited the templates. I like the possibilities of have additional boxes to highlight articles, and it looks like you can make the entire site an RSS feed. The only way I have found to do this in RapidWeaver is to make the entire thing a blog. I have an information based website, and I want people to be able to search it. I do believe you can change the key words in RapidWeaver by going to the page inspector, and changing them on the page tab. I am not sure how well it works with the search engine bots though. Hopefully SandVox offers more control or suggestions on how to get the best results based on the content of each page.

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