Making the Jump to Subversion
Subject:   Updated Owner Information
Date:   2006-04-09 07:08:41
From:   wrashi
The current config file that comes with Apache 2.2.0 has the owner already configured. Therefore, the instructions above are a bit outdated.

svnadmin create <path to repository>
chown -R www <path to repository>

should now read:

svnadmin create <path to repository>
chown -R daemon <path to repository>

And setting the User to www is no longer necessary.

# User nobody
User www ### Not necessary. Apache 2.2.0 already configured: User daemon

The rest of this article is spot on, and I have found it amazingly useful.

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  1. Updated Owner Information
    2006-10-11 06:45:29  Elise_van_Looij [View]

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