What Is Quartz
Subject:   access WEB-INF directory
Date:   2006-04-10 15:08:06
From:   Rizmerc
I have just started using Quartz and am not sure of how to handle this issue.

I have a web application that uses tomcat and spring. I am initializing the Scheduler using the class.
But it seems that this servlet looks for resources under the /WEB-INF/classes directory. I have some files which are actually located directly under the /WEB-INF directory. the jobs that I run using the scheduler look for these properties files in the /WEB-INF folder.
but the scheduler cannot find these files and a filenotfound exception is thrown.

Can someone please tell me if there is any way to get the Scheduler to look for these files under the WEB-INF directory instead of the WEB-INF/classes directory? Or is there another solution to this issue?