Top Ten iPhoto Tips
Subject:   Tip 9 - necessary? - No, but a good idea.
Date:   2002-07-12 22:11:58
From:   derrick
Response to: Tip 9 - necessary? - No, but a good idea.

I agree with ethanbrand. Here's just one reason why. Let's say that you don't duplicate because you know (hope) that the original will always be there. You spend 5 or 10 minutes making some nice adjustments on the shot, including cropping. You print it and like the results. Then you decide you want to do something else with the picture that requires some of the area you previously cropped away. Now you have to toss away all your adjustments to get back to the original proportions. If it were me, I'd have the original there that I'd duplicate again, allowing me to keep the work I did earlier on the clone. And there are other reasons for duplicating first ...

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  1. Tip 9 - necessary? - No, you gain nothing and waste disk space, slow down iPhoto
    2002-07-26 01:04:43  laird [View]

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