What Corporate Projects Should Learn from Open Source
Subject:   Open source should be faced as a serious line of thought in software development.
Date:   2006-04-17 09:22:26
From:   anderson_ito
I strongly agree on the points discussed in the article and truly believe that many practices adopted by open source projects can help corporate projects. With so many tools and techniques available that helps increasing the software quality and decreasing maintenance efforts, it is so frustrating when you work on a project that does not see the gains come from open source.

Sometimes open source is seen as kidstuff, which is not true. There are professionals and very skilled people involved. Some companies just think that because it is open source, it lacks a tech. support model. Support is everywhere.

The impression I had is a project failure is due to the lack of communication between all parties involved in the coporate software development projects, that I consider a very strong and important characteristic of the open source projects. Like said, "All developers are created equal", I would include: "All parties involved are created equal".