The Virtual Internship: Take Control of Your Future by Becoming an Open Source Developer
Subject:   Open Source projects as Internships- will they help your IT career?
Date:   2006-04-18 08:35:08

As an HR professional I cannot emphasize enough how excited we get when we come across a CV with any mention of Open Source projects/technologies. If you have actually contributed to an Open Source project you will have made it past the 10-second resume scan and, (all other things being equal), will be getting a call or an email from a prospective employer.

Involvement in an Open Source project at any level says 3 very important things to IT Managers, HR professionals and IT Recruiters:

1-You are a team player and a contributor (demonstrable Esprit de corps goes a long way in landing a good job, the capacity to maintain belief in a goal is what involvement in one of these projects demonstrates to us).

2-You stay abreast of the latest/greatest/coolest trends in IT and COSI research (every IT manager's wish for their team members).

3-You truly love programming and technology (more important to IT management folks than you might expect).

An App Dev Manager at a prestigious firm recently said to me, "find me technologists with an Open source mentality", the above-mentioned points are what he meant by that.

Long live Open Source!

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