Maven 2.0: Compile, Test, Run, Deploy, and More
Subject:   Eclipse integration
Date:   2006-04-18 14:20:41
From:   mojavelinux
Response to: Eclipse integration

Actually, the mevenide plugin only works for the Maven 1.x series and not for Maven 2.x. In order to get similar functionality for Maven 2.x, you need to use the plugin created by Merenge, as mentioned at the end of the article.

The Maven 2.x plugin for eclipse is really interesting because it includes the Maven dependencies as a library set, so if the pom file updates (and eclipse refreshes the resource), the library is automatically updated. There is no need for any copying of jar files at all.

The situation with eclipse is not pretty right now, though. The eclipse:eclipse goal didn't initially anticipate the arrival of the eclipse plugin, so it takes some tweaking if you want to use both.