Aperture 1.1--Apple Listens
Subject:   1.1 nice but doesn't go far enough
Date:   2006-04-18 22:03:31
From:   DesignJunky
Aperture 1.1 is a nice upgrade but it doesn't go far enough for us to justify upgrading all our computers.

In this office we consider the following essential:

1. The option to directly send RAW files to other programs (right now we must export the file outside of Aperture, process it with the other program and then reimport... hardly a streamline of my workflow). Pros need the option to do RAW conversions in whatever program they choose.

2. Curves. Our photographers are used to editing with curves. Aperture's tools can probably match curves, but our phtographers have years of experience.

3. Selective dodge/burn. This would be an obvious boon to photographers.

4. A simple way to enter keywords on single and multiple selected images in full page view.

5. The ability to change date metadata. Our office uses many scanned images and the dates used in Aperture are the dates of the scans, we want to change them to the date of the image was actually taken.

6. The ability to store files wherever we want. We need access our images from within multiple programs, Aperture forces us to go through the program which sometimes adds steps to the workflow.

Perhaps Aperture could borrow from iPhoto 6.

iPhoto 6 allows us to store files wherever we want, and allows us to export RAW files to our program of choice. In full screen mode iPhoto improves on Aperture by using a translucent toolbar and additionally it starts up faster and seems less prone to long beach ball sessions.