Automated Backups on Tiger Using rsync
Subject:   More issues with rsync
Date:   2006-04-19 03:51:15
From:   gulivieri
Response to: More issues with rsync

i use rsync command on os x 10.4 to backup data on network volume (Lacie XP). the command was launch continuously (every ~300 s) by a script. In all the client machine the script gone rigth for some day, afterword the new file don't appear on Lacie disk. However from terminal i found on /Volumes two directory named DATA (the old one) and DATA-1 (new one), where:
DATA don't contain all the folder but only the one relative to a single machine
DATA-1 contain all the folders

i had to rename the destination folder on the script, but i don't understand what's happen

some advice?