3-D Data Visualization on Mac OS X
Subject:   MAC_TCL not defined in Mac OS X
Date:   2002-07-14 14:13:23
From:   johnblommers
While running make I get a message that that tclPlatDecls.h is not found. It's found in /Library/Frameworks/Tcl.framework/Headers/tcl.h and the lines in this include file are:
#if !defined(MAC_TCL)
#include "tclPlatDecls.h"
Commenting out these lines works around the problem, but the resulting binaries don't work right. The vtk windows cannot be moved, and clicking on ones that expect inputs result in a vtk console message:
SetFrontProcess failed,-600
and this happens for every single tcl script I try, even in the interactive vtk shell.

What's the trick? So close yet so far ...
- John