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Subject:   Shutterbug? WordPress?
Date:   2006-04-21 21:07:51
From:   sundoggy
Response to: Shutterbug? WordPress?

Dude, you are lost. Shutterbug and Wordpress are two totally different types of programs. Shutterbug is similar to these aps in some ways, but is really geared towards photo sites.

Wordpress (if you are talking about the actual application and not the service ala Typepad) is a high-end blogging ap, not for the faint at heart (but a little easier to handle than Movable Type). Wordpress can also be used as a full CMS, especially since v1.5 and 2, but it is in a totally different league than iWeb, RW and Sandvox (more suitable for users of BBEdit and DW), or someone with a bit of coding experience or at least comfortable with some minor hacking. It's a far cry from iWeb, but then it's an awesome powerful solution (and free).

I guess the reason for this post is that you are totally misleading people, obviouslly don't know what you're talking about, and have at the same time insulted WP.