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Subject:   sample code quality - bad
Date:   2006-04-26 03:26:17
From:   gninneh
Response to: sample code quality - bad

I mean the comments in the text here _not_ the downloadable files. It would be better to print the whole class in one piece and add comments either in correct source code format in between, Ior before or after the classes' code. Then people could just copy and paste that code from the browser.

As opposed to that, the downloadable code has no comments and is probably runnable, but it's absolutely unreadable because it has an indentation that seems to be made by some randomuzer function - even the eclipse source formatter isn't able anymore to make something nice out of it.
Did you ever look at this downloadable code?
How do you think does it look?

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  1. sample code quality - bad
    2006-04-26 08:02:02  Deepak Vohra | [View]

    • sample code quality - bad
      2006-05-26 06:45:06  gninneh [View]

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